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Amazon: Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset Only $9.99

Amazon has the Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset marked down to only $9.99.

  • This play food set for kids ages 3 and up lets them create and decorate their own Play-Doh ice cream and frozen yogurt treats.
  • Make silly frozen yogurt and imaginary ice cream sundaes with Play-Doh Plus compound. It’s softer and easier for little hands to squeeze from the toy ice cream maker.
  • Use classic Play-Doh compound in the sprinkle crank to top off your twisty treats with silly sprinkles. These 2 Play-Doh cans come with 2 ounces per can.
  • Crank out realistic-looking “ice cream” with the Perfect Twist Ice Cream playset
  • Use the sprinkle maker to decorate your creations
  • Set includes cones, dishes and spoons to display and serve your Play-Doh treats
  • Includes 2 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound to make “ice cream”
  • 3 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound to make swirls and decorations

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Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset


Note: The price is accurate as of the time of posting, but Amazon’s prices are always changing, so make sure to check the price shown on Amazon when you are checking out, as that will be the price you are charged!

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