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This Weeks Kosher ShopRite Deals (Week Of 9/8)

These are the prices at my local ShopRite store and all coupons 99¢ and under are doubled in these deals because all coupons (or else stating do not double) 99¢ and under double in Shop-Rite except in the city!!!

If you are heading to Shop Rite here are some deals you might be interested in.


Skippy Peanut Butter Product – $1.99
Use 55¢ Skippy Peanut Butter Product Printable Coupon
89¢ after coupon

Kikkoman Panko Bread Crumbs – 99¢
Use $1 Kikkoman Product Printable Coupon
Free after coupon

Buy 1 Domino 4-lb Sugar – $1.88 (Limit 1)
Buy 1 At $1.88
Buy 1 At $2.19
Use 75¢ Domino Sugar Printable Coupon
$1.29 each after coupon

V05 Alberto Salon Series Shampoo & Conditioner – $1.50
Use $1.25 Off Alberto VO5 Series Professional Hair Care Products
And Use $1 VO5 Alberto Salon Series Professional Hair Care Products ShopRite eCoupon
Free after coupon & ecoupon

Triaminic Children’s Products – $5.49
Buy 2 At $5.49 Each
Use $7 Off 2 Traiminic Printable Coupon
And Use $7 Off 2 Triaminic products ShopRite eCoupon
Free After oupon & ecoupon

Pine-Sol Cleaner – $1.99
Use 75¢ Pine Sol Printable Coupon
And Use 75 Pine Sol ShopRite eCoupon
Free after coupon & eCoupon

Pampers Wipes – $1.99
Use 50¢ off Pampers Wipes Printable Coupon
And Use 50¢ Pampers Wipes ShopRite eCoupon
49¢ after coupon & ecoupon

Johnson’s Baby Products – $2.49
Use $1 Off Select Johnson’s Products Printable Coupon
$1.49 after stacked coupons

Listerine, 33.8 oz – $3.99
Use $2 Listerine Printable  Coupon
$1.99 after coupon

Dove Bath Soap 6-Pack – $5.99
Use $1 Dove Bar Or Dove Body Wash Printable Coupon
$4.99 after coupon

Marcal Small Steps Napkins – $1.74
Buy 2 At $1.74 Each
Use $1 Off 2 Marcal Napkins Printable Coupon
$1.24 each  after coupon



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