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PLAYMOBIL Fire Crane Only $15.95 From Amazon

February 20, 2020 Comments Off on PLAYMOBIL Fire Crane Only $15.95 From Amazon


Amazon has the PLAYMOBIL Fire Crane marked down to only $15.95.

  • Call the fire crane to help with the fire rescue
  • This versatile firefighting vehicle can be used for a wide range of jobs, including moving large equipment from Fire sites or fighting fires
  • You can attach either a claw or pallet fork to the boom hook, depending on your fire rescue needs
  • Set includes one firefighter, one pallet, one drum, and other accessories
  • Recommended for ages four years and up

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Note: The price is accurate as of the time of posting, but Amazon’s prices are always changing, so make sure to check the price shown on Amazon when you are checking out, as that will be the price you are charged!

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