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Back In Stock! Samsung SmartThings Cam Only $19.99 + Free Shipping!!

January 14, 2021 Comments Off on Back In Stock! Samsung SmartThings Cam Only $19.99 + Free Shipping!!


Samsung has the Samsung SmartThings Cam marked down to only $19.99 + Free shipping!!

  • Clear sight and sound – 1080 HD Video with two way audio and night vision. Full HD, High Dynamic Range and night vision display a crisp, detailed view, day or night. Two-way audio and a built-in mic let you communicate with family members and pets.
  • Tell who from what – Intelligently senses motion to alert you at a moment’s notice and differentiates between a person and an object. Set activity zones to pay closer attention to specific areas.
  • 24-hour data access and viewing – Control up to two SmartThings Cams and view rolling 24-hour recordings for free. All your footage is safely secured on your personal cloud and can be accessed remotely any time.
  • Easy-to-view Timeline – See all of your in-depth alerts in an easy-to-view timeline in your SmartThing’s App dashboard.
  • Device Card Image View – Keep on top of what’s going on at home by checking out the latest events captured on your camera. Because it updates on the hour, it’s easy to check if your daughter got home from school okay, if a package was delivered on time or if a stranger approached your door. And all without having to scroll your camera feed.
  • Android/IOS Compatibility – Uninterrupted Security – with the SmartThings app, it’s easy accessing your SmartThings Cam on Android and iOS devices. Sync with your phone or tablet and you’ll receive a preview clip whenever something is detected.
  • Multi-view – View up to four cameras at once – easily switch between multi-views of your home on your smartphone to get a clear idea of what’s going on. Choose between portrait or landscape mode to view up to four connected cameras simultaneously.

Samsung SmartThings Cam


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