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Target: 70% Off Toy Clearance (In-Store)

January 17, 2013 Comments Off on Target: 70% Off Toy Clearance (In-Store)


Many Target stores have dropped the the price of their clearance toys today to 70% off, so you may want to check the clearance in your local Target to see what deals you can get! If your store didn’t drop the price then it should be coming soon!

Even if you see a sign that doesn’t say 70% off you check the clearance label on the toy or scan it at a price check, because the toy may already be 70% off but they just didn’t change the clearance sign.

While I was in Target I found this E90 Razor Scooter which only had a clearance label for 50% off but I scanned it (at a price check) and it rang up as only $29.99 which is 70% off 🙂 (it was the last one in the store 🙁 )

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