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Helping Singles Finding Shidduchim, 1 Daf at a Time

December 29, 2019 Comments Off on Helping Singles Finding Shidduchim, 1 Daf at a Time
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24 hours. 2,711 blatt. One unwavering vision. Shas for Shidduchim is back: bigger, stronger, and more determined than ever.

Following the last 2 years’ tremendous successes, Chicago Chesed Fund is once again matching up lomdim and sponsors in the zchus of Klal Yisroel’s shidduchim. That’s right – it’s a match made in Chicago!

Shas for Shidduchim is a campaign created by Chicago Chesed Fund to give relatives, friends and singles themselves, a meaningful way to bring about shidduchim. Now in its third year, this national campaign gives donors an opportunity to sponsor a daf of gemara in the merit that someone they know find their zivug.

On, Tu B’Shvat hundreds of lomdim will flock the Veitzener Cheder Yeshiva Ohr Boruch building and embark on a 24-hour quest to complete Shas. On this auspicious day, we will bezras Hashem harness the tremendous power of Limud HaTorah will be a zchus for all of Klal Yisroel to find their zivugim.

Our previous campaigns have been met with an overwhelming success.

“I would like to sponsor this year for my niece who is 42 years old.  As I did last year for my 41-year-old daughter.  

The great news is that my daughter got engaged this year and is getting married on TU B’SHVAT!

Continue your great work!”

All proceeds are donated exclusively to the Chicago Chesed Fund and will go towards helping solve the shidduch crisis.

Sponsor a Daf in zchus of a single!


Chicago Chesed Fund is a non-profit organization committed to helping families in crisis throughout the Chicagoland area. Through various programming and events, it provides critical assistance in the form of goods, services and financial support in an environment that maintains the dignity and integrity of each and every recipient.

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