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Complete Convenience. Completely Kosher.

April 24, 2022 Comments Off on Complete Convenience. Completely Kosher.
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Modern smartphones present us with some serious challenges. Although these devices may offer powerful and useful tools for daily life, their functionality is often seen as a double-edged sword, with their unlimited internet access being among the most pressing issues. Previous solutions have insisted on either fully removing oneself from the realm of smart technology or only partaking through the use of heavy filters and one-size-fits-all restrictions.

SafeTelecom believes there’s a better way, that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

That’s why they’re committed to providing fast, high-quality phones tailored to each user’s personal standards. Built on a custom operating system, KosherOS, a truly kosher experience from the ground up, each device is ensured to have absolutely no web browsing capabilities to start with.

In terms of what you want and don’t want on your phone, SafeTelecom leaves that up to you! With a variety of App Store packages to choose from, you can select which of the 400+ pre-approved apps you want, without compromising on your hashkafos.

So, whether you require access to convenient apps for tasks such as online banking and navigation, or perhaps you simply want Torah apps on your phone, SafeTelecom has you covered with the right package for your needs.

For example, many often cite the need for WhatsApp in order to conduct business efficiently, and SafeTelecom delivers by offering WhatsApp option both with options to disable/enable statuses and/or  video playback.

From the SafeTelecom Mehadrin package, which offers the benefits of synced contacts, notes, and enhanced messaging, while also blocking access to the app store and email, to the SafeTelecom Premium package, which includes up to 400+ preapproved apps, SafeTelecom has an option for everyone!

SafeTelecom devices work with all major US networks, as well as most international carriers.

Visit SafeTelecom.net today to experience kosher convenience at its finest!

For any questions regarding SafeTelecom devices, contact the main office at 845.694.7187 or at [email protected] 

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