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Do You Need Folding Tables or Folding Chairs For Your Succah?

October 7, 2016 at 10:44 amCategory:Succos


Iv’e gotten many questions regarding where is the best place to buy folding tables and folding chairs, so here is a roundup of the best prices I found for folding tables and folding chairs that I found at Walmart and Amazon!

Walmart – You can choose free pickup from a Walmart store. You can also get free shipping with a $50 purchase, if not its $4.97. Or you can see if the item is eligible for Free 2-day shipping with ShippingPass which is also currently offering a Free 30-day trial.

Amazon – Get free shipping with Amazon Prime (you can try Amazon Prime with a 30-day free trial) or on orders over $49.


Folding Tables

• Cosco 6′ Centerfold Table – Only $38.88 From Walmart

 Lifetime 25011 Fold In Half Commercial Table, 6 Feet, White Granite – Only $57.98 From Amazon

• Cosco 8′ ft Centerfold Table – Only $60 From Walmart

• Lifetime 8′ Fold-In-Half Table, Almond – Only $93.75 From Walmart


Folding Chairs

 Cosco Resin Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Back White Speckle, 4-Pack – Only $45.99 From Amazon

 Cosco All Steel 4-Pack Folding Chair – Only $52.50 From Amazon

• Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair, Antique Linen – Only $62.22 From Amazon

 Lifetime 25011 Fold In Half Commercial Table, 6 Feet, White Granite – Only $57.98 From Amazon



Work Smart Resin Multi-Purpose Center Folding Bench, 6-Feet Long – Only $42.98


Note: The price is accurate as of the time of posting, but Amazon’s prices are always changing, so make sure to check the price shown on Amazon when you are checking out, as that will be the price you are charged!