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Make The Difference – Help A Family Make Pesach!

March 28, 2018 Comments Off on Make The Difference – Help A Family Make Pesach!
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Pesach is here, and we are all feeling that special Simcha that comes along with it. Countless hours have been put into the Yom Tov preparations, and it all climaxes on the seder night. The seder begins with the age-old declaration “Kol dichfin yeisei veyechol”…as what better way is there to celebrate Hashems kindness to us then by sharing these special moments with others. Klal Yisroel is the most selfless nation on earth constantly giving and giving to those in need. Now we come to you with an exciting offer, host a living Sefer Torah by your seder!

Klala Yisroel is blessed to have amongst us thousands of cherished Kollel yungerleit who spend their days and nights holding up the world with their learning. These Kollel families can support themselves by living simply throughout the year, yet the substantial funds required to make even a basic Yom Tov are beyond the means of many. Take advantage of this opportunity, help assist over 1000 Kollel families with their Yom Tov needs.

Grab this zechus, and merit unlimited beracha. Donate now to to Kupas Yom Tov and Sponsor a Kollel familly and sit down to the seder with the knowledge that on this lofty night, you are a partner with the Torah itself.

Sponsor Yom Tov for a kollel family or give whatever you can and provide true simchas Yom Tov while supporting Torah. $120. Click here to visit www.kupasyomtov.org to donate today and learn more about this remarkable opportunity!
For more info, you can call our 24-Hour hotline 732-334-0050 or email info@kupasyomtov.org
Thank you and Tizke lemitzvos!

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