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A Mother’s Dream for Her Daughter

June 18, 2020 Comments Off on A Mother’s Dream for Her Daughter

As a child grows and matures into an adult, each milestone is marked with excitement and feelings of gratitude. The goal of a parent is to provide its child with everything they need, in order to secure their future as an upstanding and independent adult. From diapers to clothing and everything in between, parents will give anything they can to set their child up for success.

Chaya Liba Haas is mother of eight wonderful children, and her dreams are no different than any other parent. Raising her children and marrying them off is no easy feat, especially given her unique circumstances. Her husband, Shimon Zt”l, recently passed away after battling with illnesses most of his life. The past year was the most difficult yet, as Shimon spent the majority of his time in Tel Hashomer hospital, before being niftar in Tammuz. Chaya Liba split her time being by her husband’s side and continuing to work as a teacher in order to keep her source of income. Despite her efforts, Chaya Liba’s salary was not enough to cover all of her large family’s expenses in addition to accumulating medical bills.

Despite the tragic circumstances, Chaya Liba has been zoche to see her daughter Esty become a kallah. While the engagement has certainly brought some much needed light back to the Haas home, it also carries a tremendous deal of stress. Chaya Liba is struggling alone to give Esty and her Chosson what they need in order to build a home. Willing to sacrifice almost anything on behalf of her daughter, Chaya Liba has already sold her home to try and cover some of her family’s debt and upcoming wedding expenses. Like any parent would, Chaya Liba is doing everything she can for her daughter. But it is not enough.

It would be a dream come true for Chaya Liba to be able to help her dear Esty during this memorable time. You can help make her dream a reality by making a donation to this worthy mother and her family.


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