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Rabbanim Unite For Historic Beis Din

June 21, 2020 Comments Off on Rabbanim Unite For Historic Beis Din

In a world full of unrest, uncertainty, and struggle, what difference can just one person make?

How about just three dollars?

The Vizhnitz Rebbe, Rav Ezrachi, Rav Feinstein, Rav Biderman, and Rav Finkel gathered in Bnei Brak recently to form a historic Beis Din. The gathering was arranged on behalf of 52 orphans who are struggling to make their own weddings without their parents.

Each of the orphans has a unique & painful story of loss, each more devastating than the last. One kallah, ‘Devori,’ was shopping for her wedding dress when her mother collapsed and passed away.

The rabbanim gave a bracha to donors who donate the equivalent of $3 for each orphan that they should be blessed with children, life, and sustenance, and merit to marry off their children with health & nachas, be saved from suffering and illness, and to have easy parnassah.

What made this gathering unique, said Vaad HaRabbanim representatives, was that an actual beis Din was created, so as to make their bracha into a psak Beis Din. As it is known, when a psak beis din is made in this world, Hashem makes it a reality in the world above.

This multifaceted blessing, together with its status as a psak beis Din, clearly indicates how important the Rabbanim find this cause to be.

The chuppahs of the 52 orphans are steadily approaching. With tears and anticipation, they take stock of all that they still do not have. The rabbanim have heard their cries, and they are hoping to bring bracha into the lives of all who help them – Donors can give here to answer their call.



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